Predicted Marketing Trends For 2021

Marketing Trends For 2021

2020 was challenging for everyone in the digital industry. With so many businesses competing for the spotlight in such challenging times, there were plenty of memorable campaigns.

Marketing Trends — Fad Or Future?

The digital marketing landscape is forever changing. Unfortunately, digital marketing doesn’t come with a rule book, and everything isn’t always guaranteed to be a success like you envisioned. Every year new strategies and techniques shape digital marketing plans and help businesses get in front of the right audience at the right time — these are marketing trends.

The Rise Of Content Marketing

Content is key to any successful campaign. It tends to be overlooked, but when produced well and put in front of the right people at the right time, it becomes one of your most useful assets. Remember, getting your content noticed is a marathon, not a sprint!

Social Media Becoming A Buyer Platform

What was life like before social media? It’s now a part of everyday life for most of us. Because of this, it has become a staple part of marketing strategies worldwide. And it comes as no surprise after boasting a jaw-dropping 3.96 billion users in 2020 alone. With such a huge amount of users, it’s a great tool for businesses to connect with their target audience. Although, this hasn’t always been the case.

Virtual Events

Marketing and businesses were plunged into a whole new world in 2020. It saw a lot of people adjust and have to adapt to the new normal of remote working. Because of the current climate, events and networking where marketeers and business owners usually thrive were put on hold.

Machine Learning Taking The Lead For Analysis

Sifting through data is the best way to pinpoint what is and isn’t working in your marketing activities. Data is value, and data insights are what help build your marketing campaign. Without it, it would be a guessing game.

3 Tips To Takeaway

Nothing Is Ever Set In Stone

Marketing is always shapeshifting depending on audiences, new products and new techniques. One thing to remember is to don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t get stuck in hold habits. The key to smashing marketing trends is to always be open to new things, and be ready to learn.

Stay Proactive

When it comes to keeping your customers happy and interested, being proactive is key. Responding to your audience in a timely manner and using personalisations such as their first name will show them you care, and that you’re there to help.

Focus On What Your Audience Want To Know Rather Than Pushing Products

The general rule is focusing 80% of your content on topics and surrounding interests, and the other 20% speaking about your products and services. Pushing your services in customers’ faces can be off-putting and come across spammy, be natural and focus on what they want to know as a consumer.

Implementing Marketing Trends — A Recap

These trends are just a few ways to boost your marketing this year. Providing a great user experience, being proactive, and connecting with your audience are just a few other ways that you can smash your marketing campaigns. Success across your social media, your content, and other digital strategies doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency is key, social media can take a while to build a follower base that you can engage with regularly. But with regular, fresh content and putting your business out there, growth will begin to pick-up. To create a successful campaign across all channels, tying these trends together is going to be a key factor.



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